IRDS has a variety of capable partners throughout Sudan which are central to our organization’s strategic approach for positioning, access and successful operations in a vast geographical area in Sudan. Our primary partner for Central, South and Central Darfur States is Darfur Development and Reconstruction Agency.

Darfur Development and Reconstruction Agency (DDRA)

In Central and West Darfur, IRDS has worked with the Darfur Development and Reconstruction Agency (DDRA), a national NGO with several years of experience working community reorganization, Livelihoods, basic services and community assets rehabilitation and construction. IRDS partnered with DDRA since 2012 on UNOCH-CHF funded livelihoods activities in Central and West Darfur States.

At Tamas Development Organization (ADO)

IRDS has worked with At Tamas Development Organization (ADO), a local NGO that has worked on Nomads primary health care, Education, and Water provision in Central and South Darfur States. IRDS programs with ADO focused on peace building through the formation of Community Based Reconciliation Mechanisms (CBRMs) in 23 communities and provision of basic services through funding from the UNDP’s Darfur Community Peace and Stability Fund (DCPSF).

Shirouq Biladi Youth Organization (SBYO)

IRDS has worked with SBYO, a local youth initiative in East Darfur CBO on the reorganization of the SBYO organizational structure and expanded it to establish chapters / satellite CBO at each of the 12 communities where IRDS was operating. Together with IRDS project staff, these organizations were engaged in conducting community mapping surveys, potential livelihoods and community assets interventions, beneficiaries’ evaluation, community mobilization and various campaigns for women associations and youth CBOs in Assalaya locality in East Darfur State.